Switching from another feedback tool?

If you are switching to FeedbackFive from another feedback and review tool, you will need to make sure you are not overwhelming your buyers by sending duplicate emails.

Here are some options to help you make sure that all buyers who received an email from your previous tool will not receive another from FeedbackFive.

1. Exclude a List of Orders in Bulk (Recommended)

The best way to exclude solicited orders is to download a CSV of the orders that were recently solicited by your old tool or copy and paste a text list of them. Ideally, you should obtain a full list of orders solicited in the past 90 days.

Once you have the list, log into FeedbackFive and do the following:

  1. Go to Emails > Exclusions.
  2. Click on the By Order Number tab.
  3. Paste your list of order numbers and click Save Changes. That’s all!

If you cannot get a list of orders from the last 90 days, try to get at least 30 days. Follow the same steps above, but make sure to set your campaign rules to “send ONLY for orders created within the last 30 days” rather than 90 days.


2. Exclude based on Timing (Alternative)

If you cannot get a complete list of even the last 30 days, take note of the order number corresponding to the last sent message from the tool that appears in your Seller Central account.

Take note also of the timing triggers in your previous tool. For example, do the emails send out three days after the delivery date? Ten days after the order date?

Once you know this information, log into FeedbackFive and follow these steps:

  1. Go to Emails > Scheduling.
  2. Refer to your timing trigger to sort your orders. If your timing was based on the order date, click the order date column header until the most recent orders are at the top. If your timing was based on the delivery date, click the delivery date column until the latest delivery date is at the top. (You should see a small, gray arrow pointing down if the column is sorted correctly.)double-click-order-date-column-hc
  3. Find the last solicited order number. Select it and all the orders below it by clicking the checkbox on the left. Tip: Change the page size at the bottom to show 500 rows. If you need to go onto additional pages, click to the next page and just use the checkbox at the top left of the grid to select all on the page.page-size-hc
  4. When all orders are selected, click Actions > Do Not Solicit Selected Orders.

Tip: Use this method in combination with the campaign rules to avoid having to select and exclude large numbers of orders manually. For example, instead of sending emails for orders created in the last 90 days, change the day range to 30. Then, select and exclude only orders within the last 30 days.

We do not normally recommend setting the day range lower than about 30 days because it can cause the campaign to “time out” and skip some orders that should be solicited. Learn more about campaign rules and the day range option here.

Have questions or need help excluding your orders? Contact us!