RestockPro - Configure MWS Permissions

How to configure or update your Amazon MWS permissions for RestockPro

New stores:

New RestockPro stores need to connect to Amazon and authorize eComEngine using Amazon's MWS Permissions. 

Existing stores:

If you are having trouble with data importing from Amazon, or just need to renew an expired MWS connection, resetting your MWS Permission usually fixes things.

You will need the primary Seller Central login associated with your RestockPro store for this process.

Here's how:

  1. Options>Settings> MWS Settings tab, click the blue "Setup MWS Permission" buttonsettings-mws-setup-permissions
  2. A popup will open taking you to Seller Central. Login to your Seller Central store using the primary account user.
  3. If you have trouble logging in, try choosing the option to "Switch account".  Click the "Add account" link and retype your login credentials. Be sure to login with the primary owner account as you'll need those credentials to make this work.
  4. Click the checkbox and Next button
  5. Click the Continue button
  6. Click the Go back to RestockPro button
  7. Your changes are saved automatically!

PLEASE reach out if you have ANY questions or issues! Connect with us here.