How do I use RestockPro if I have multiple warehouses?

RestockPro does not formally support multi-warehouse setups, but there are some workarounds you can use to track inventory location and leverage Restock Suggestions for inventory in more than one local warehouse.

There are a few ways to note which warehouse or location an item is stored in depending on your situation:

  1. Location Number: If all units of a single SKU are only stored in one of your warehouses, you can add a location number to the product details on the Products page. (This will also be shown on Restock Suggestions and Local Inventory.)
  2. Tags: If some units of a SKU are stored in one warehouse and more units of the same SKU in another warehouse, you can tag an item with more than one warehouse number or name. Filter Restock Suggestions or Local Inventory by tag to see what is stored in a particular warehouse. The exact number of units that are stored in each warehouse will not be shown, but you can combine this with notes (below).
  3. Notes: If you need to keep track of how many units of an item are stored in a particular warehouse or any other location information, you can add this information to the SKU notes on the Products page. Make sure you update it as soon as you add, ship, or remove any units. (These notes will also be shown on Restock Suggestions and Local Inventory.)

Choose the option that is easiest for you or combine these features to work with multiple warehouses in RestockPro.