Restock Suggestions view setup

How to make Restock Suggestions show the information you need.

Open the Restock Suggestions page and click to select an individual supplier or [All Suppliers]. This will take you to the list of that supplier's products, suggested restock quantities, and over 70 other product-related attributes and metrics. Decide which attributes are most important for you to watch to maximize your profit and make restocking decisions. 

Customize the grid to include only the fields relevant for you:

The grid menu

Image result for hamburger icon  Aka, the hamburger icon

Use the button in the upper right corner of the product list grid to customize it for your display size and preferences. (Sorry if we made you hungry!)

Control which columns are visible

RestockPro consolidates and refreshes many SKU attributes, saving you the time of pulling your own data from spreadsheets and Seller Central reports. Take the time to explore all the available columns and added icons, pop-ups, and hyperlinks accessible within columns. Display only the columns you want to watch. 

It might look like data overload at first, but once you have the grid customized, you'll love the convenience of all of the right data in one place.

You will likely always want to display columns like SKU, EM (estimated margin), recent sales, competitive sellers, and whether Amazon offers the item. Depending on your business, the UPC, EAN, rank, buy box price and other attributes may be useful for your decision making.  Use the grid menu to check the columns you want to see.

Arrange the columns in the right order

Drag and drop the columns to arrange them in an intuitive order. Your setup will be saved and restored when you return.

Adjust the row height

The default grid displays 3 attributes in each column, while toggling to the simple grid switches to a simple single attribute per column. Select the best option from the grid menu based on your display size and preferences.

Max out the grid space for deep SKU analysis and comparison

Use the menu option to toggle between full-screen grid/restore grid when you want to maximize the screen space available to compare products.

Sort by clicking the column title

Click the column name to toggle between sorting ascending, descending or no sort.

Customize the emailed version of Restock Suggestions

Go to the upper right corner and click the drop-down beside your name. Choose My Profile. Then click the Settings tab. Customize the columns, filter and frequency of the email report.