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How do I set up Auto-Forwarding in Outlook?

If you prefer not to send your opt-out notifications directly from Seller Central, follow these instructions to forward the notifications from an Outlook account.

To set up automatic email forwarding for your opt-out notifications in Outlook, follow the steps below.

(Note: Sending your notifications directly from Seller Central is much easier! Learn more here.)

  1. Click File on the top left of Outlook's main page. This brings up Outlook's settings panel.
  2. Click "Manage Rules & Alerts" in the Account Information panel.
  3. Click New Rule at the top left corner of the Rules and Alerts window. This brings up a Rules Wizard window.
  4. Select "Apply rule on messages I receive" under the “Start From A Blank Rule” section. Click Next.
  5. Select both of the following conditions:
    • From people or public group

    • With specific words in the body

  6. Click on underlined links to specify rule descriptions and enter the value for each condition. 
    • from people or public group: auto-communication@amazon.com (or auto-communication@amazon.in for the India marketplace)

    • and with specific words in the body

      • U.S., U.K., Canada and India: because the buyer has chosen to opt out

      • France: car l'acheteur a choisi de ne pas recevoir de messages non sollicités de la part des vendeurs

      • Spain: ya que el cliente ha decidido desactivar la opción de recibir mensajes no solicitados de los vendedores

      • Germany: weil der Käufer sich dafür entschieden hat, den Erhalt unaufgeforderter E-Mails von Verkäufern abzulehnen

      • Italy: perché l'acquirente ha scelto di disattivare i messaggi indesiderati dai venditori

  7. Click Ok, then click Next.

  8. Select "Forward It To People Or Public Group" for messages that meet the condition. 
  9. Click the underlined words in the descriptions to specify where the messages will be forwarded. Enter the email address optout@mail.feedbackfive.com and click Ok. The email address should show up in the Rules Wizard window. Click Next.
  10. Skip the exceptions and click Next again.
  11. Name your rule and check to see that your settings are correct. You can choose to apply the rule to existing messages in your inbox to forward all previous opt-out notifications to the database (recommended). If everything is correct, click Finish.
  12. Click Ok in the Rules and Settings window to apply your new rule.