What else can I do on the Campaigns page?

Besides activating a campaign, you can search and filter to find specific campaigns and understand the whole picture of what messages your buyers will receive.

Most sellers have just a few campaigns, so each one is easy to find. But if you create specific campaigns for each product category or keep many old campaigns for your records, you can keep track of them all easily with these features.

FeedbackFive default email campaigns


At the top of the campaigns page, there are several filters. Click on a filter button to see only campaigns in that category.

Campaign Filters

Active and Inactive: Filter by whether a campaign is currently sending messages.

Default: See only campaigns that come built into FeedbackFive.

Custom: See only campaigns that you or your team created.

Associated Template Filters

These are small icons that allow you to see campaigns that send certain types of templates.

Amazon logo: Campaigns that send the official Amazon Feedback and Review Request template.

Speech bubble: Campaigns that send templates with a seller feedback link in them.

Star: Campaigns that send templates with a product review link in them.

Paper clip: Campaigns that send templates with attachments.

Image: Campaigns that send templates with images.

Campaign Information

In the main grid on this page, each campaign is listed along with some information about it.

Campaign name: Your own internal title for this campaign. (Buyers will not see this.)

Campaign timing and rules: Basic information about how long after the order or delivery date this campaign will be sent and at what time of day, plus a note showing how many other rules are on this campaign. Click the number of rules to see all the rules without leaving the Campaigns page.

Default: a label showing that the campaign came built into your account. Custom campaigns (created by you or your team) do not have this label.

Actions: Hover near the campaign name to see available actions:

Animation showing email campaign options in FeedbackFive

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the campaign rules.
  • Click the bar graph icon to see analytics for this campaign.
  • Click the copy icon to clone this campaign.

Status: Click the switch to toggle a campaign to active (sending messages) or inactive. The date this switch was last clicked will be shown below the status, or, if a campaign has never been activated, the status column will show "Never active."

Pending emails: The number of messages that are scheduled to be sent by this campaign. Messages may be scheduled for today or up to several weeks in the future.

Sent emails: The number of messages sent by this campaign in the last 7, 30, and 90 days.

Template information: A thumbnail of the template (message) attached to this campaign, along with its name and icons showing whether it includes a feedback link, review link, attachment, and/or image.

  • Hover near it to see and click the edit (pencil) icon to modify the template.
  • Click the thumbnail to see a preview of the template and send a test email.