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Why don't the links work in my sent emails?

Amazon Seller Central does not render links, images, or formatting, but the buyers still receive the email as it appears in the FeedbackFive Preview.

If you view sent FeedbackFive emails on Amazon Seller Central, the links are always disabled, and images are removed, as shown:


However, the message received by your buyers will still contain the correct images, formatting and links, shown in the FeedbackFive Preview:


This is because the Seller Central message system does not have the ability to render HTML emails correctly. Still, the HTML is sent to the buyer’s inbox, and the buyer’s email client or browser will be able to display the email normally.

Similarly, if a buyer replies to a FeedbackFive message, the original message quoted on their reply will not contain functioning links, although the original message they receive from FeedbackFive does contain the links.

If you receive complaints from buyers that the original message you sent does not have links in it, double-check your templates and Shortcut Tags. (Remember that Shortcut Tags are case-sensitive and must be spelled correctly with two sets of square brackets around them.)