What do the ASIN Statuses mean in FeedbackFive?

When you track an ASIN for product reviews and ratings, you can check the ASIN status to make sure the data is successfully imported.

Below is a list of ASIN statuses you might see and what they mean.

product-reviews-products-asin-status-not-monitoring Not Monitoring You haven't started tracking this ASIN yet. Check the box in the Tracking column to start monitoring.
product-reviews-products-asin-status-updated Updated Reviews and ratings for this ASIN are being imported successfully. Hover over the icon to see the last day and time that the import was completed. FeedbackFive should import review data once every 24 hours.
product-reviews-products-asin-status-processing Processing FeedbackFive is working to import reviews and ratings for this ASIN. This usually appears for a few minutes to a few hours when you start tracking ASINs, depending on how much data there is to import.
product-reviews-products-asin-status-failed Failed FeedbackFive could not find this ASIN on Amazon. This may be because the ASIN is invalid, out of stock, closed, or other circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns about failed ASINs, feel free to contact us.