Annual Plans

We offer two months free for RestockPro users who choose annual billing. If your order volume exceeds the annual billing plan level, you may upgrade to the next plan level for the remainder of the annual term. You will receive a pro-rated invoice for the difference between previous and upgraded plan levels. Downgrades are not permitted. If you anticipate a major variance in order volume each month, RestockPro's monthly plans allow the flexibility to change the plan as needed over time.

Purchasing the RestockPro annual plan gives you twelve months of service at the cost of ten months of service, billed up front. This fee is nonrefundable. Customers can submit a cancellation request at any time to go into effect at the end of the current annual term.

To make changes to your plan, go to Options > Billing > Service Level tab. To view all your plan options and pricing for monthly and annual plans, click the button:


Please note that this area is only available to account owners and admin users.


Ready to switch to an annual term?  Switch your Billing Term from Monthly (default) to Annual. Save. The annual period will begin at the end of your current billing cycle.


As always, contact us if you have any questions or need help!