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fba-kits-case-studyOne of the best ways to build a profitable Amazon business is to offer a unique product that solves a problem that buyers commonly face. Amazon is a very competitive space for third-party sellers. At the end of the day, you need to find a way to make your listings stand out.

Offering FBA kits is a great way to differentiate your offerings. Creating a kit or bundle that combines items that shoppers often purchase at the same time can help increase your sales and earn you a better spot in Amazon's organic search rankings. Think about what types of items it makes sense to bundle with your products to create a unique listing.

That's exactly what Titan Rig did. The company used RestockPro's powerful FBA kitting features to help grow their business. As the company's founder quickly discovered, "Creating kits is easy -- managing kits is harder." That's especially true when it comes to understanding the supply and demand relationships for your kit parts. Fortunately, RestockPro was able to help Titan Rig with kit management. In this case study, you'll learn how kits drive sustainable profitability for this Amazon seller.

What is RestockPro?

RestockPro is a flexible, easy-to-use inventory management tool powering over $1.8 billion in sales with decision support and automation functionality. It provides Amazon FBA sellers with actionable intelligence and tools that drive inventory optimization, profitability and process automation. Unique features like the Kitting Optimizer allow merchants to easily build and break kits based on units available. 

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