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a-to-z-survey-resultsGetting an Amazon A-to-z claim can be frustrating, especially when you and your employees are working hard to meet buyer expectations. Our survey of more than 100 Amazon merchants explores why these claims are filed in the first place and how they are resolved by sellers.

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What is the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee?

The A-to-z Guarantee protects Amazon shoppers when they purchase items that are sold and fulfilled by a third-party merchant. The guarantee covers item condition and timely delivery. If the customer is not satisfied with the delivery time or condition of your item, they can contact Amazon to report the issue and possibly receive a refund on the order.

In order to file a claim, the buyer must first attempt to contact the seller and wait two business days for a reply. The request also needs to meet one of Amazon’s outlined A-to-z Guarantee conditions, which you can see here. Buyers must contact the seller within 30 days from the date of receiving the item and postmark the return within 14 days from setting up the return with the seller in order to be eligible for an A-to-z refund. If a buyer files a claim and you do not provide a response, Amazon will grant the claim and debit your account.

How Can I Prevent A-to-z Claims?

Amazon takes the customer experience very seriously. As an Amazon seller, providing excellent customer service should be one of your top priorities. If an Amazon buyer contacts you with a direct complaint, make sure that you always respond in a timely manner. (Amazon’s A-to-z guidelines say that sellers should respond within two business days, but when you’re working with an unhappy customer, responding sooner could improve the interaction.)

Make sure to ship your orders on time and notify the buyer if there is a delay. If you are regularly receiving complaints related to fulfillment, you may want to consider enrolling your products in the Amazon FBA program to be fulfilled by Amazon. Test your packaging to ensure that it is adequate to prevent damage to your product in transit. Do not sell poor quality items. When a buyer contacts you, be sure to respond quickly.

What Will I Learn From the Survey?

This survey of Amazon merchants explores how other sellers manage Amazon A-to-z claims. You’ll find out what they think about these claims from the most common reasons they’re filed to their processes for handling and resolving the situation.

Whether you’re new to selling on Amazon or a seasoned seller, it’s always helpful to know what is and isn’t working for other sellers. Download our free A-to-z report today to learn more.