Making the Most Out of RestockPro’s Kitting Optimizer

by Joanna Lupo

To sell any given item, you may find yourself competing with dozens of Amazon merchants. Aside from engaging in a price war, there are a few methods you can employ for consistently winning the Buy Box on a hot item. One is building “kits.”

This method involves packaging multiple SKUs into a single offering. The benefits of kits are numerous, for both seller and customer. In this post, we’ll explore how RestockPro simplifies the kit-building process, thanks in large part to the tool’s new “Kit Optimizer.”

Why Kits?

As a savvy merchant, you can use kits to do several things at once, including the following:

Reduce your fees. Since there is only one SKU, the seller only pays one Amazon fee. That means that if there are three items in a kit, the items together receive one item sticker (one SKU) and you only pay one fee, rather than three.

Differentiate your offerings. Kits are unique SKUs, since no one else is selling the exact same kit unless you copy someone else’s. Even then, you can often give your kit its own listing.

Boost your sales. Kits are a great way to provide good deals for buyers and increase the sales of your products. Customers have the opportunity to buy several related items with one click, instead of having to search for everything they need.

Setting up a Kit

To set up a kit, simply click on the product name link in RestockPro and click the Kits tab. Click the checkbox stating that the product is a kit, then use the blue + icon to add the additional products. After creating and saving your kit, you can order it by locating it in Restock Suggestions. RestockPro’s kit optimizer results in better kits, happier customers and more overall sales.


Optimized Kits, Optimized Results

RestockPro’s exclusive Kit Optimizer looks at all of the kits and parts you have in stock in your local inventory. It also looks at the demand for those items and other factors. That information is used to recommend/build kits for you in order of highest-to-lowest profit margin:

Launch the Kit Optimizer from the Kits menu option, which gives you a view of all of your kits and expands to show their parts:


Click Run Optimizer, sit back and let RestockPro crunch the numbers for you. It can break apart all the kits you already have, evaluate each one by demand and margin, and recommend the best kits to build in your local inventory for shipping in right away:


It’s important to note that you’ll need to physically assemble kits in your warehouse prior to sending them to Amazon. Once a kit has arrived at Amazon’s warehouse, it cannot be broken down and must be sold as a kit.

RestockPro Makes it Easy

RestockPro lets you visualize the parts you have in stock and the kits you could build. The kit optimizer helps you to continuously evaluate your stock and which kits are going to perform best. In the long run, this helps you turn more inventory and make more money while growing your eCommerce business.

Optimize Your First Kit Today

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Originally published on February 3, 2016, updated April 26, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.