, Inc. (“Amazon”) is a company that is well known for constant innovations. In the past decade, Amazon has encouraged us to consider new possibilities and changed our daily lives. In celebration of eComEngine’s ten year anniversary, we recently surveyed staff members to get their predictions about what Amazon will look like ten years from now.

For a quick refresher, let’s look at just a few of the programs and services that Amazon has rolled out since 2007:

Only time will tell what’s next from Amazon, but it’s fun to think about! The company has certainly revolutionized the way we do business in a short amount of time.

Read on to check out Amazon predictions from several eComEngine staff members!

Features Wish List

When asked what features they would like to see Amazon add in the next ten years, our team had several suggestions. Some were simple, such as allowing video links in email or including more Kindle features. Many were related to speed, with requests for more products available for one hour delivery and a meal delivery service similar to the Chipotle drone at Virginia Tech. Someone even suggested warehouse storage on the moon!

Ordering from Amazon in 2027

From in-home robots who reorder items on a customer’s behalf to a 3D projection of a salesperson helping buyers select products, artificial intelligence factored heavily into predictions about ordering. The use of other technology was also popular, including retina recognition, same day delivery by drones and the use of biometric data in the checkout process.

Drone Predictions: What Role Will They Play?

Speaking of drones, most team members felt that battery life or weight constraints may somewhat limit the drone delivery process. Many thought that most aspects of package delivery will be automated by 2027. Someone suggested that drones could be used for real-time package location tracking. Another thought that drones will be used to help monitor streets and accident-prone locations, sending out alerts when an accident occurs or someone is in distress.

New Service Predictions

What’s next from Amazon’s services? eComEngine team members would like to see a laundry service, meal delivery and car rides, among others. Food was definitely top of mind, with suggestions such as a smart pantry (which tracks items so it knows when to reorder) and diet monitoring by Alexa.

New Technology and Other Amazon Predictions

Artificial intelligence factored heavily into technology predictions, from robots to voice technology. Team members also suggested that we may see virtual reality shopping in an Amazon store, in-house RFID item tracking (eliminating the need for the Dash button) and home monitoring/security systems.

Team members are fans of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, predicting that he will run for public office and/or do a cameo in an Amazon-produced movie. They also thought that the company might acquire other marketplaces such as Alibaba and eBay. Others suggested that maybe we’ll see Amazon credits as a worldwide currency.

Tell Us Your Predictions

We’d love to hear your Amazon predictions for 2027! What do you expect (or hope) to see change in the next ten years?

Liz Fickenscher

As the Business Development Lead for eComEngine, Liz Fickenscher is committed to providing valuable information to Amazon Sellers through blog posts and informational webinars. Liz is the affiliate ambassador, engaging with customers and strategic partners to build relationships between eComEngine and the eCommerce industry.