Top-Rated Tools and Resources to Bring You Success in 2019

by Jeanne Croteau, on January 9, 2019

A new year has begun, making this a great time to breathe new life into your business. Whether it’s improving your inventory management, soliciting more feedback or finding new ways to gain an edge over the competition, here is a roundup of the tools and resources you need to take things to the next level.

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Ashlin Hadden Insurance

As an Amazon seller, one of the most important things you can do is protect yourself. Once your business starts to grow, so does your personal risk. Need help figuring out what type of policy you need? Ashlin Hadden and her team are licensed in all 50 states and can provide guidance on General Liability, Products Liability, Workers Compensation, Directors & Officers, Errors & Omissions, Professional Liability for Consultants/Coaches, 3 PL’s & Warehouse and even Commercial Auto lines of insurance coverage.




If you’ve been selling on Amazon for any length of time, you already know that compliance is key. As a former member of Amazon’s Seller Performance Team, Chris McCabe knows how to help you communicate with Amazon to protect (and save) your business. McCabe can teach you how to think like Amazon in order to protect your accounts and appeal listing restrictions and suspensions. Do you have the three most important SOPs for protecting your business? The ecommerceChris membership gives you the tools to operate the Amazon way.



eCommerce Nurse

Having a business on the Amazon Marketplace can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be confusing. eCommerce Nurse assists vendors and sellers in North America and Europe to help them achieve long-term success. The consulting packages are personalized to meet your specific needs so, whether you need a hand with a single project or are looking for ongoing guidance, eCommerce Nurse will be there to help you meet your goals!


"I love sharing my years of Amazon knowledge and expertise with brands, helping them reach their true potential on Amazon. Whether it is new evolving businesses or those transitioning from bricks and mortar, it is great to be part of their journey from struggling with Amazon to then flourishing and seeing the hard work pay off."
-Carina McLeod, eCommerce Nurse




Are you tired of spending hours on researching competitive and market data? If so, you might want to give MarketScout a try! This incredible tool can help you make smarter purchasing decisions in a fraction of the time. By simply uploading a .CSV file (we supply the template!), you’ll quickly gain valuable insight about the products you’re considering sourcing or restocking. On top of that, you’ll also learn more about Amazon fees, product rank and more!


“We couldn’t believe that we had never known about it [MarketScout] before. It saves us so much work, because I did it all — working through the products and taking each item one by one and pasting into that search bar. It would take hours and weeks to go through catalogs because it’s just too much work. The first time we did it on MarketScout and five minutes later it was all done, my husband said, ‘Oh my, this will make our lives much easier!’”
-Eliana, Israel-based Amazon seller



The Amazon Marketplace is always evolving and changing, which can make it hard for sellers and vendors to keep up and remain compliant. Liz Adamson, the owner and lead consultant at Egility, is dedicated to helping online retailers navigate the landscape. Whether business is booming or you’re just starting out, Egility can help sell more effectively by optimizing your Amazon product listings, designing stunning Enhanced Brand Content and so much more!



In the competitive online retail space, your reputation really matters. FeedbackFive makes it easy to request feedback and reviews through automated, custom email campaigns. You’ll have access to detailed analytics, giving you the ability to test and refine the effectiveness of your message. As an added benefit, your customers’ comments will help you identify issues so that you can resolve them before they negatively impact your brand.


“FeedbackFive actually helped us drive being better at our business and identifying problems, be it a product, process, or a person….We are a long-time, very happy user for a reason. It’s one of those products that just works great and has applications way beyond the intended use.”
-Adam Slutske, Century Shower Door


Global_Sources_Summit_logo-alt-415x230.pngGlobal Sources Summit

Experienced Amazon and online sellers won’t want to miss the Global Sources Summit, a three-day conference held every April and October at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. The Summit is co-located with Global Sources’ trade shows, giving attendees the ability to meet with thousands of China suppliers at the same venue. Take advantage of this opportunity to inspect products in person before adding them to your inventory and establish a face-to-face relationship with your supplier!


“This is extremely convenient for Amazon and online sellers sourcing private label products because they can learn the latest eCommerce strategies at the Summit AND meet with thousands of China suppliers at the exhibitions simultaneously.”
-Meghla Bhardwaj, Global Sources


MSC-Logo-415x230.pngMarketplace Seller Courses

Want to learn how to successfully launch and grow an Amazon business? The online Marketplace Seller Course will teach you all about strategy while providing you with actionable steps, tools and the resources you’ll need to make selling your product on Amazon easy. This is a great way to get your business on track, especially if you’re just breaking into the industry.



While they began by optimizing Amazon listings, Nozani has become a full-service optimization agency. With services that also include Amazon account management, product and lifestyle photography and social media management, Nozani helps eCommerce sellers during every stage of their growth. If you feel like you’re being drowned out by the competition and don’t know how to get ahead, a free listing analysis could be a great place to start!



Trying to grow your Amazon business but don’t have the money to keep things running smoothly? Payability is a financing company that can provide Amazon and eCommerce sellers with daily cash flow and growth capital, so you can say goodbye to stockouts, launch new products and scale your businesses faster. Because approval is based on account health and sales performance, there are no credit checks and sellers can be approved in under 24 hours!


"In the fast-paced world of eCommerce the costs of a stockout or a missed opportunity are incredibly high. Payability helps sellers avoid both of these issues and scale their businesses fast by providing quick and easy access to daily cash flow and growth capital. This is often the missing piece for sellers who have great products and innovative eCommerce strategies, but not enough access to capital to keep up with the amazing consumer demand we see on platforms such as Amazon."
-Vicky Sullivan, Payability



When it comes to inventory management, finding the right balance is vital to the success of your business. Having too much product can increase your overhead costs and put you at risk of being stuck with items you can’t sell, but if you run out of stock, you risk losing loyal customers. Accelerate your FBA business with RestockPro, a cloud-based tool that provides automated stocking recommendations, inventory forecasting, profit management and more, so you can ditch the spreadsheets and focus on your ROI and supplier relationships. Say goodbye to guesswork!


“RestockPro is arguably our most important tool today. RestockPro allows us to accurately predict what to order from each supplier and how much. It saves time and prevents stagnant inventory.”
-Andrew Tjernlund,



Raise your hands if you love calculating sales taxes. Anyone? No one? Jokes aside, taxes are no laughing matter. For most people, it’s actually a pretty stressful topic. Fortunately, TaxJar is on a mission to make eCommerce easier for everyone — by solving sales tax. They’ve been trusted by more than 15,000 businesses that rely on their services for sales tax automation. With TaxJar you’ll be able to spend less time on sales tax and more time growing your Amazon business.

Start your year right by taking control of your business. Identify the areas where you need to make improvements and then tackle the problems head-on. It can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to Amazon, but bringing in the right tools and resources can make all the difference. The sky’s the limit!


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