Why Open Rate Is So Important to Email Campaign Success

by Jeanne Croteau

As an experienced Amazon seller, you know that soliciting feedback is extremely important. Not only can you gain valuable insight into what your customers think about your goods and services, but it’s also an integral part of building your brand.

Creating and managing email campaigns can be time-consuming and even a little frustrating. For all of your efforts, you may still be left wondering why no one is responding to your messages or if they are even reading them at all.

Fortunately, tools such as FeedbackFive can help eliminate the uncertainty so that you can refine your approach and see your hard work begin to pay off. While the tool includes many features, the ability to monitor open rates is among the most important.

Why Open Rate Matters

Within FeedbackFive, you will be able to compare the open rates of all campaigns at a glance and see how the open rate of each campaign changes over time.

Open Rate Data

Open rate shows you the percentage of the total number of customers who chose to open your email. Since so much of the process involves trial and error, having this concrete information provides important clues about the effectiveness and strength of your subject line and the timing of your requests.

The goal of an email campaign is to solicit feedback, but in order to do that, your customers have to actually read your request. If you see that your open rate is at, or near 0%, this is an indication that something is amiss. You will need to investigate to determine what’s going wrong.

Easily Compare Campaigns

FeedbackFive users can choose from several campaign-rule options to create specific guidelines for their feedback requests. The results of each campaign's rules can then be compared.

Open Rate Side by side

The software allows sellers to tailor their messages based on product, season or other criteria. Once the campaign has started, you'll be able to review the data to see if your messages have been well-received.

For example, reviewing the timing and subject lines, the two most import variables for open rates, can shed light on which campaign is more impactful. This can give you an opportunity to refine your message.

Revamp Your Strategy

After you’ve gained some insight, regularly conduct test runs to revamp and improve your strategy. Creating effective solicitation campaigns is an ongoing process and you should always strive to keep things fresh without sacrificing the quality of your message.

One very useful feature is the ability to set a rule for sending campaigns to random order numbers. This allows you to limit your campaign to a random segment of buyers, which enables you to randomly split your buyers among two or more campaign or template versions for testing.

A major contributor to open rate success is a strong and engaging subject line; so if customers aren’t engaging with your emails, this is one area where you should focus. This is your one chance to make a great impression. Make sure your subject line is eye-catching and personalized.

To further enhance your efforts, be sure to customize your message by using FeedbackFive’s tags. This makes it simple to specify which relevant content, such as the order number, links to items and customer’s name, to include in the email. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for buyers to remember the transaction and submit their feedback. You can even include your call-to-action as a button to make it easy for buyers to leave a review or feedback rating.

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FeedbackFive has been helping Amazon sellers build reputations since 2009. The tool will help you automate custom campaigns, request reviews and manage feedback in the proactive and engaged way that your business deserves.

The online marketplace is growing and becoming more competitive by the day. Stand out from the pack by showcasing the positive experiences consumers have by choosing your products and services. The key is a solid solicitation plan and a great open rate. The right tool can help you accomplish your goals while saving you time and money.

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Originally published on October 23, 2018, updated June 5, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.