Why Amazon.in Merchants Love FeedbackFive

by Colleen Quattlebaum

Amazon.com, Inc. ("Amazon") has big plans for India.

Since announcing its $2 billion investment back in 2014, the company has created more than 45,000 Indian jobs. Amazon also recently announced plans for an additional $3 billion investment, bringing the grand total to $5 billion in just a few years.

To replicate its success in other parts of the world, Amazon has invited third-party merchants (like you!) to participate in its Indian supply chain. As with other Amazon marketplaces, the company leverages the same seller feedback model for Amazon.in.

With so many Indian merchants now selling on Amazon.in, FeedbackFive (get started here) has rapidly become a very popular tool among Indian sellers. In this post, we'll share a few first-hand accounts of how our software is helping Indian sellers thrive on Amazon.in.

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Better Feedback, Faster

"Feedback % goes up pretty quickly ... FeedbackFive makes it easier to reach those buyers (who want to leave feedback) and hence the seller's feedback score goes up quite a bit." ~Ankush Jain, shopizone

Getting positive feedback on the Indian marketplace isn't always easy. Many customers just assume that each transaction should go smoothly, so they forget (or refuse) to leave ratings. Some customers are only vocal when things don't go as planned. By using a tool like FeedbackFive, Indian merchants can proactively (and automatically) remind customers to leave feedback. Since the vast majority of your customers are happy, proactive solicitation can result in an uptick in positive ratings.

Some Indian merchants try to take a manual approach to solicitation, only to later realize the true cost of their time. "I was trying it manually," said Rahul Makhija of hgiftmart, "but who really has the time? And asking a staff member to do it takes time and can sometimes become expensive."

My thoughts exactly! FeedbackFive frees up more of your time to work on product sourcing, restocking, supply chain management and other value-added activities. As our friend, Deepak Kolhe of Novateur stated: "Automated emails to my buyers keep me worry free about sending feedback requests to my customers."

Reduce the Impact of Negative Feedback

Indian buyers on the Amazon marketplace aren't shy to share negative feedback. Bad feedback puts your store at a disadvantage against other Indian merchants, but it can also impact your relationship with Amazon. The last thing you want to do is have Amazon suspend your seller privileges.

FeedbackFive helps Indian merchants prevent and remove negative Amazon feedback. To prevent negative feedback, you can exclude specific orders from feedback solicitation by SKUs, refunds and repeat buyer status. This helps you avoid soliciting for problematic items or with unfriendly buyers. You can also adjust the timing for when your messages are delivered, bypassing times or days when negative feedback is more likely.

If you do receive negative feedback, FeedbackFive has a suite of tools to help you minimize the damage. Receive emails and text alerts when negative feedback occurs. Take action within minutes - not days.

"I like the automatic notifications of negative feedback. Hassle-free, good templates."

~Nabeel Ahmed, Hashcart

For feedback that qualifies for removal by Amazon, opening up a new case is just a click away in FeedbackFive. For feedback that doesn't qualify, you can follow up with customers without ever leaving your FeedbackFive dashboard. Just select your feedback removal template, send the message and get back to what you were doing. FeedbackFive tracks your ratings, making it easy to see which feedback still needs your attention.


A Two-for-One Deal

We all know that Amazon SEO is a hot topic these days, and few things impact SEO more than customer reviews. As a FeedbackFive customer, you also gain access to our product review management features. Track the ASINs that matter most to your business, and watch your products become more visible on Amazon. Just copy and paste your ASIN list into our review tracking module, and FeedbackFive will start monitoring your products.

If customers offer negative reviews, you'll receive an email that looks like this:


And, much like our feedback solicitation feature, you can also use FeedbackFive to request product reviews from your buyers. This can help you proactively increase the reviews for items you sell. As one customer, Ronak Gupta of Cosmic Byte said, the "product review feature helped me get many product reviews for my products and increase sales."

Automate Your Amazon.in Reputation

Whether you're an experienced seller or new to the Amazon.in marketplace, one thing is for certain: your seller reputation is important to your future success. Sign up for FeedbackFive today (for free!), and begin enjoying the benefits of automated reputation management.

This post spotlights FeedbackFive users who sell on the Indian marketplace. As a thank-you for participating in our survey, each customer who participated received an account credit.

Originally published on July 18, 2017, updated August 12, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.