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​​[Solved] How to Sort, Filter & Download Amazon Feedback

by Colleen Quattlebaum, on November 1, 2018

As an Amazon seller who values feedback from buyers, you're always looking for new ways to measure satisfaction. Exporting feedback data from your Seller Central account seems like a logical place to start, but is that even possible? If so, how?

In this post, we'll explore two common ways that sellers extract and analyze Amazon feedback data.

Option 1: Accessing Feedback in Seller Central

Some sellers are surprised to learn that Amazon.com, Inc. ("Amazon") does offer a feedback export option. To generate a downloadable feedback report from Seller Central, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Seller Central and hover over the "Performance" tab in the top-level menu. Select "Feedback" from the dropdown.
  2. Make sure the "Customer Feedback" subtab is selected. Click on the gray button that says "Download feedback reports."
  3. You'll then be taken to the "Feedback Reports" page. Select your report type, specify a date range, and click the yellow button that says "Request Report."
  4. Once the report is ready (it can take up to 45 minutes), your data will be accessible as a tab-delimited text file (.txt) in the section called "Check Report Status & Download." This text file can then be converted into a spreadsheet for sorting, filtering and further analysis.

Option 2: Leveraging a Feedback Management System

In an effort to entirely bypass spreadsheets, many merchants rely on integrated feedback management software, such as our FeedbackFive platform. FeedbackFive automatically aggregates your feedback data in a highly intuitive interface.

Filtering ratings is as simple as clicking on the prebuilt buttons. In addition, clicking on a column header will sort the data numerically or alphabetically (depending on the field type).

For more advanced analysis, try applying a custom filter. Want to learn how shipping arrival times and product descriptions are impacting the feedback of your private-label listings? FeedbackFive delivers the data-driven insights to understand buyer expectations, improve the services you provide them and, ultimately, delight more people.

FB5 Scenarios

Better yet, all of this analysis can be done without ever leaving your FeedbackFive account. No manual exports, .txt files or spreadsheets are required!

And if, for some reason, you still want to export your feedback data into a CSV file, you can easily do so by clicking on a button in FeedbackFive.

FB5 Download Spreadsheet

Take Control of Your Seller Reputation

Paying close attention to your feedback history is a smart way to continuously improve buyer satisfaction. FeedbackFive streamlines this process by eliminating manual data exports, spreadsheet formatting and troubleshooting.

Connect FeedbackFive to your Seller Central account, dive into your feedback data and take control of your Amazon seller reputation.


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