Hawaiian Merchant Uses MarketScout for Inventory Decisions

by Becky Trowbridge, on March 7, 2018

Cara is a savvy Amazon seller who has been using MarketScout to maintain an edge over the competition while managing her business from Hawaii. As a new seller, she conducted all competitive and market analysis manually but soon discovered that an automation tool could be much more efficient while providing valuable insight before stocking a new item. She recently shared her experience in a phone interview.

Working from The Aloha State

Starting an Amazon business can be challenging from any part of the country, but being based in Hawaii presents its own unique challenges, including the high cost of shipping. Cara joined a Facebook group in hopes of finding tips to make it more practical - which is how she learned about MarketScout.

Selling mostly home goods, home décor, office and organizing items, Cara offers a private label line, but continues to source wholesale, as that results in her biggest success. Researching new items to purchase wholesale used to take lots of time, but MarketScout has given Cara more time to focus on growing her eCommerce presence. “It just saves me hours and hours and hours. It’s just incredible,” she said.

Unique Feature

Users are provided with a template and can quickly upload a .CSV file with ASINs, EANs or UPCs as well as cost data. When she receives her downloadable report, Cara breaks it down by rank and “knocks out” the categories that she doesn’t need. During this process, she looks for products that have no FBA sellers since, she says, “those could be very good products for me.” It’s incredibly empowering for sellers to have this information while making inventory decisions.

Convenience and Support

Relying heavily on mainland sources as well as China and India for items, Cara mostly ships direct from suppliers to avoid the hefty shipping costs from Hawaii. She uses MarketScout regularly, especially when reordering items or when her wholesalers are making changes. “Anything I can do to save time,” she said. “That’s another reason why I love this product.”

Additionally, the ability to buy credits as needed and avoid a monthly subscription fee is convenient and Cara says that the customer support she has received has been “fantastic.” As a merchant, she explains that MarketScout gives her peace of mind since, compared to other tools she’s tried, she feels much more secure sharing her data within the tool.

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