Brush Up Your Amazon Business Skills

by Larissa Miralles, on May 30, 2019

In my last blog article, I shared three things that every Amazon merchant should do to spring clean her inventory. Today’s article will be all about skill evaluation, delegation and creation as a result from brushing up on skills and cleaning up responsibilities. Whether you’re an established eCommerce merchant or experiencing your first Q2, if you’re a decision maker within your company, this article is for you.

Brushin’ Up

Can you remember the last time you took some time to sit down and truly evaluate the state of your business? Or the last time you were able to slow down to stop and think about you and your team’s current responsibilities? If it’s been a while (i.e. more than a month), prioritize this today.

Ask yourself:

  • What does the business really need from me right now?
  • Am I progressing at the pace I desire?
  • Where’s my time best well spent?
  • Where am I the bottle neck in moving forward from getting the results I desire?

These are questions that my business partner and I ask ourselves every single day.

We ask ourselves these questions because it challenges us to seek answers that are based on what our business actually needs versus floating through our days with a list of random to-do’s. These answers are based on results or lack thereof within our business, and by asking these questions often, they quickly guide and direct us to confidently come up with solutions that will make real movement toward achieving our goals. This type of evaluation really pushes us to stay on top of our game - no matter how challenging incorporating a new responsibility or scrapping a long-term project that wasn’t working may be.

Continuous Amazon Business Growth

Answering these questions helps us evaluate our skill sets and focus on truths that may be holding us back from our business’s potential. When we can identify the areas of our business that need more from us, we can evaluate how things are done and determine if there are more optimal ways to do them by building upon our skill set and knowledge around the responsibilities. With Amazon being such a dynamic marketplace, it’s imperative for us (and for you!) to diligently adapt to the marketplace changes and policies and develop a mindset focused around growth, continued education and business sustainability. Listed below are the top ten areas our team places the most focus on within our Amazon business:

  • Account Management & Compliance
  • Inventory Management
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Listing Optimization
  • Creative Marketing
  • Clever Advertising
  • Dynamic Pricing Strategies
  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Marketplace Expansion
  • Leadership and Team Development

If you and your team master these areas, you’ll not only master Amazon but you’ll acquire real business skill sets that will be valuable and beneficial to you over the long-term.

We, personally, always choose progress over comfort in all of these areas. We invite change, and we constantly seek ways to improve. Having consulted numerous Amazon sellers along with years of eCommerce experience, I’ve found that those who accept challenges as a growth hack are those that realize flourishing and sustainable businesses at a much more rapid pace. The beauty is, every business is capable of acquiring this mental strategy. It’s simply up to the business’s key players to make a habit out of regular business reflection and evaluation, to commit to following through on projects, and to share their insights and strategies with their team members.

Three Action Items for a Successful Amazon Business

Now, I recognize that a full-blown Amazon business doesn’t happen overnight. The focal points that I mentioned above are areas that we’ve mastered over time and continue to study up on to this very day. However, regardless of where your experience level is in business, the art of business and self-evaluation is and always will be key to getting from where you are now to where you ultimately want your business to be. To get started, it’s just a matter of identifying the areas that are most relevant to your current business goals and being open to tweaking your strategies all along the way. Listed below are three actions I encourage you to practice on at least a monthly basis, and I challenge you to start today!


  1. Evaluate what’s working in your business, who’s doing it and how it can be improved.
  2. Evaluate what’s not working, identify why and determine how it can be improved.
  3. Evaluate what’s been placed on the back burner, why and for how long, and what it’ll take to make it happen, if it even needs to happen.

Take a moment now to jot down your responses.

Shining light on these areas of your business will shine light on what’s going great, what areas need attention and what ideas or projects you may need to toss. One of the biggest things to realize though is just because an area of the business needs attention, it doesn’t mean it needs your attention. It needs the attention of the person who is most capable.

Clean Up Responsibilities

Once you’ve identified what’s working, what isn’t working, where there’s room for improvement, and what needs to be implemented, make it a point to dive deep into evaluating who should be doing it. Ask yourself:

  • What am I awesome at, and what will I commit to mastering?
  • Where do I need help?
  • What are my team’s greatest strengths?
  • Am I best utilizing my team’s strengths?
  • What must I delegate and by when?

Allow your powerful answers to guide and direct you as you plan and prepare projects for the last half of this year. If you ever catch yourself not making progress in your business, make it a point to reflect on why. Before simply settling or blaming it on the lack of motivation or feeling uninspired, get re-inspired by evaluating the new and current state of your business. Regain a new sense of clarity, create new projects that are aligned with your overall goals and delegate whenever necessary.

There’s always room for growth, progress and excitement in your business if you allow yourself to take the time to dust a little to gain newfound clarity, to brush up and familiarize yourself with what’s going on within your business, and to clean up responsibilities and utilize your team for their strengths. Do a little spring cleaning today... you just may uncover something incredible that will really move the needle in your Amazon business!

For more insights on delegation and process creation, stay tuned for my final piece in this three part spring-cleaning blog series.