4 Key Areas to Outsource in Your Amazon Business

by John Britto, on July 26, 2018

In this guest post, John Britto from Fab On Go shares his tips for improving your Amazon business.

Quitting a 9-to-5 job to run an eCommerce business can be exhilarating and a dream for many who want to be their own boss. But sometimes it feels like nothing but a juggling act. You need to learn, understand and execute many things and be on your toes all the time to stay on top of your operations. And the more successful your business becomes, the more juggling you have to do, compromising on your personal and social life.

Outsourcing Can Help

Selling on the Amazon marketplace has become more difficult than ever. Last year alone Amazon.com, Inc. (“Amazon”) saw a remarkable addition of 300,000 sellers and an ocean of new products that entered into the marketplace. It is getting more and more competitive and challenging, especially if you are someone who is starting out. From figuring out the right products to sell, dealing with suppliers, managing the inventory, running the advertising campaigns, fulfilling, shipping and addressing the customer issues – it's a truckload of work!

At such instances, many sellers have turned out to outsourcing some or all of the tasks in order to streamline their operations and focus on other strategic areas to make the most significant impact.

Here are some of the tasks that you may want to consider outsourcing to improve your Amazon business and also your quality of life.

1. Product Listing and Optimization

The very first step after setting up your seller account is to list and catalog your products in compliance with the Amazon guidelines. The more products that you are planning to sell, the more time consuming and complicated it will get to list them.

A virtual assistant (VA) can not only help you select the right category for your product line but also help you optimize the product detail page with the right title, description, product specification and images, as per the Amazon guidelines. Also, the listings need to be constantly checked, tweaked, monitored and updated for better search results. A professional product-listing VA will have a better understanding of the constantly changing policies and help with the better discoverability of the product in the Amazon’s search engine. Also, a copywriting VA will help you develop an impactful, high-quality A+ Detail Page/ Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) which will further improve the SEO and promote your brand value.

2. Product Photography Services

Having a great product and an amazing listing is just not enough to strike an impression on the buyers. You also need to have detail-oriented, eye-catching product images to grab the attention and bring in more visitors to your page. All you need is a well-equipped professional eCommerce Product Photographer and an image editor with an impeccable knowledge of the marketplace guidelines for the image uploads that can deliver clear and precise product images with the use of advanced software to drive more sales.

3. Managing Sponsored Ads/ PPC

While Amazon has made it easy for us to create and run sponsored ads, it still requires some skills to run “good” ads. As an eCommerce seller, you might not have the necessary knowledge on the marketing/advertising front and you may end up spending more money playing around doing trial and error. Hence, it would be smart to outsource it to an expert who has in-depth knowledge on how the keywords work and the ins and outs of the current trends to execute a winning campaign. A PPC expert will help you target the right set of audiences with the right keywords and increase your conversion at the lowest possible cost.

4. Customer Support Services

A good customer support service system is the ladder to success in any business. It applies to selling on Amazon, as well. This plays a huge role in attracting new customers and retaining them. Answering customer calls and emails promptly and tactfully is the key to maintaining a good account health. But it is exhausting and time-consuming, and you can never really grow if you start your day answering hundreds of emails loaded with questions and concerns. Outsourcing customer support service to a well-trained representative with good language skills and email etiquette will help you in the long run in building and boosting your brand reputation.

Outsource End-to-End Store Management

High volume eCommerce sellers are often over-burdened with the process of hiring and on-boarding too many resources for each and every task. A smart alternative would be to outsource end-to-end management of your store to a consultancy that has the resources to handle everything. FabOnGo has handled many such successful projects for a fairly reasonable commission on the overall profit that you make.

Here is the range of Amazon services offered by the company:

  • Amazon Seller Central Account Setup (FBA/FBM)
  • Amazon Product Listing/Cataloging
  • Amazon SEO (Keyword Research, ASIN Optimization)
  • Amazon Brand Registry Setup
  • Product Image Editing/ Branding
  • Amazon Marketing Services
  • Amazon Sponsored Products (Pay per Click)
  • Order Processing/ Inventory Management/ Pricing & Margin Management
  • Product Review Management
  • Amazon Brand Page Creation
  • Enhanced Brand Content / A+ Content Creation and Management

Outsourcing much of your store management ensures minimal investment and intervention from your end, allowing you to productively redirect time and resources to other areas.